Born and raised in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Yulia was lured by romance and history to Apulia in southern Italy. Her true talent as a photographer was revealed only once she became a mother to her two sons, but was swiftly and passionately explored through further studies and workshops.

Deeply in love with the concept of magic within fairytales, secrets within history, and love that lasts for generations, Yulia's innate ability to capture the "emotion within a moment" is truly exceptional.

Inspired by her own interests in nature, film, music, fine arts and the world, Yulia specialises in wedding photography and portraiture. Her wedding photographs tell the story, not only of the wedding itself, but also of the families and friends involved, in a series of images that suggest time has stopped still just long enough for her to take the photo, and will resume at any minute. Listen carefully and you can hear glasses clinking, people laughing, and music playing.

For specialised photography sessions, Yulia focuses on dreamy mood portraits, producing stunning soulful and expressive images, which portray the natural beauty of her subjects and evoke great sentiment in the viewer.

Emotional and spontaneous, unique and creative, Yulia's photographs ensure that your special day, moment, or portrait provides a timeless and classic visual testimony of your family history, to be appreciated not only by you, but by your children, your children's children and the many generations to follow...

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