Bride and groom in Granada, Spain
Groom playng guitar with his bride after the symbolic ceremony at masseria Angiulli Piccolo
Bride before the ceremony Trulli in Apulian Masseria
Bride flowers bouquet
Masseria San Nicola wedding bride bouquet
Serpentine table in Tenuta Tresca outdoor reception Puglia
Bride with bouquet after the ceremony in cathedral Ostuni
Inspiration wedding in Masseria San Nicola, Savelletri
Couple having rest after the wedding ceremony in masseria Torre Coccaro
Couple dancing at Borgo San Marco Fasano
Monopoli view from the sea
Wedding pictures in Tenuta Tresca
Sposa in abbey Puglia
Wedding in masseria Fulcignano
wedding decoration masseria fulcignano puglia galatone
Bride after the ceremony at sea in Puglia
Bride getting ready in trulli Fasano
Groom details buttonhole
Wedding in abbey, Puglia
wedding rings stationery
Wedding photography session in Polignano a mare
Couple walking through the olive garden in Puglia after ceremony
Bride with a tulip in abbey in Apulia
Bride with bouquet before the ceremony
Palazzo Tamburini decorated by flower designer Flowers Addicted, Lecce
Bride getting ready wedding in Andalusia
Couple photo session in Alberobello, bride in wedding dress
Polignano a mare at sunset
Elopment in Puglia Monopoli

Wedding in masseria couple Puglia
Wedding in Masseria San Nicola Puglia Fasano
Flower decoration by Angelica, Flower addicted at Palazzo Tamburini, Lecce
Villa Meo Bride getting ready in Puglia
Wedding in masseria a Fasano
Apulian style door in masseria in Fasano
Symbolic wedding in Puglia, Tenuta Tresca
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